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If you're here, you probably have something in common with us.

You might think that it's just another out-there pairing.

You might like to play with the possibilities of it.

Maybe you even just think it's pretty.

Either way, here we generally like our smut romance mixed liberally with murder, blood, compassion, pink, and just a smidgen of psychological trauma. We also advocate protection in the form of good grammar, spelling, characterization and plot. In other words, this is a community for Gaara, Sakura, and Gaa/Saku fans alike.

If it sounds like fun to you, then by all means, join in.

Looking for something about the characters or pairing? Fanfic, fanart, canon questions, even just a place to post any of the above . . . If we don't have it up, tell us, and we'll probably be able to find it. And if you find it first, then share!

General House Rules:

If your post has spoilers, large pictures, or adult content, use a lj-cut and a warning to hide them.

This means that there will be adult content featured in this community from time to time.

If you don't want to or aren't allowed to see that sort of material, be a responsible individual and don't click on it. Likewise, if you post it, hide and label it. Lack of a proper label and lj-cut in regards to spoilers, large pictures, or adult content will lead to your post being deleted.

What we like:
  • Intelligent conversations and character studies
  • Fanart/assorted pretty pictures
  • Good fanfic recommendations. Likewise, if you've got a badfic, take it to sonps.
  • Yes, we even like fangirling/fanboy-ing. Just . . . Keep it kinda under control, ok?

What we don't like:
  • Trolling
  • Wanking
  • GAFF, aka God Awful Fan Fiction. See above note about proper grammar, spelling, characterization, and plot. If you're not sure about any of these, try out naruto_betas, Ms. Nitpicker's Guide to Fanfiction, or Holy Mother Grammatica. Likewise, do not, do not, do not post something that hasn't at least been looked over and then brag about it. It's insulting to your readers, and there's really no excuse for sloppiness.
  • Whining. No one is above crit. Keep in mind that people who give you crit aren't out to trample on your dreams, they're trying to help make your story better. Also keep in mind that no crit is perfect.
  • Absolute gibbering incoherency. If we can't understand what you're trying to type without undue effort, it's really not good. Yes, this means keep the l337sp34k under control.
  • Full solicitation posts for other communities without asking permission to post first. Your best bet is to go through myself, randomsome1.

Now that that's over . . . On to the fun stuff!

Gaara/Sakura means kids with gigantic foreheads is love

Gaara/Sakura is cuddly grumpy tanuki love

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